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Gooi Mortgage Announces Secondary Market Relationship

Gooi Mortgage, Inc. is pleased to announce their strategic secondary market relationship with West Gate Bank Correspondent Mortgage Services. Designed with one sole purpose: helping smaller financial institutions capture opportunity in an ever-changing environment....

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Gooi Mortgage, Inc., Announces New Consulting Services

Gooi Mortgage, Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of consulting services to our suite of mortgage fulfilment solutions. Uniquely positioned from the vantage point of being fully immersed in fulfillment work, we align with our clients to meet the ever-changing...

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How Will You Lend in 2018?

If you are a member of Federal Home Loan Bank, Gooi has options for you to consider.  Having a mortgage solution is an important component of serving your customer and your community.  For the financial institution seeking a solution with lower risk, The State Bank of...

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MortgageKit Solutions for the Small Financial Institution

Offering a mortgage solution creates a strong foundation for serving your community, which is why it is important for smaller financial institutions to have a strategy for mortgage originations. Not doing so makes you vulnerable to losing a deposit or consumer loan...

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