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Feeding 10,000

It gives me great pride to work for a company that cares. In December 2020, Gooi made the decision to donate to Feeding America on behalf of our clients and employees. It seemed a small thing, but it provided 10,000 meals for families in America facing food...

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Emerging Stronger Thanks to 2020

As the New Year is well underway, I am still reflecting on the past year… the struggles, the successes, the lessons learned. If business continuity plans had any gaps, weaknesses or flaws, 2020 was quick to point them out. Already having a remote workforce in place...

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“Why should you originate renovation loans? “

Many homes in the United States are in need of updating, repairs and renovation. With tight inventory in many markets, a renovation loan expands the opportunities for a borrower to purchase a home that they may not have considered. A renovation loan offers a borrower...

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Building your Business in 2019

Are you prepared for what 2019 may bring you? The ebbs and flows in volume, shrinking margins, tight housing inventories, stiff competition or perhaps you are preparing for an audit, or planning to become GSE approved this year. Good plans that are poorly executed can...

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Gooi Mortgage, Inc., Announces New Consulting Services

Gooi Mortgage, Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of consulting services to our suite of mortgage fulfilment solutions. Uniquely positioned from the vantage point of being fully immersed in fulfillment work, we align with our clients to meet the ever-changing...

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How Will You Lend in 2018?

If you are a member of Federal Home Loan Bank, Gooi has options for you to consider.  Having a mortgage solution is an important component of serving your customer and your community.  For the financial institution seeking a solution with lower risk, The State Bank of...

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