More Info About Us

We consider ourselves a seamless extension of your team. We are inclusive and focused on our joint goals of exceeding your client’s expectations.

We align our employees specifically to each client so you work together every day. We get to know your employees and you get to know us. With a focus on communication, we provide extensive onboarding that is supported with calibration calls, weekly meetings and pipeline reviews to ensure a smooth start and ongoing success. In addition to the assigned employee(s), our client-centric approach supports you with a business analyst/trainer, mid- and executive-level managers and client satisfaction personnel.

The client that values long-term relationships and is seeking a business continuity plan that allows for efficiencies, consistency and growth.

Each candidate is interviewed by several Gooi key employees and undergoes a thorough background check, reference calls and must submit an acceptable score on our skillset assessment test.

We prefer to find candidates by referral from current employees, partners and clients. Upon occasion, we will use trusted staffing agencies to find the appropriate candidate.

We have an internal team dedicated to training new and tenured employees. We also participate in training events sponsored by industry experts. Frequent assessments and an accountable team help determine if we have gaps or weaknesses to address.

We offer more than 50 years of mortgage lending core competencies and best practices used by large and small organizations. We work in your world and see first-hand the issues you encounter. This unique vantage point allows us to continue to fine-tune how we work with your team. We also apply Six Sigma Principles to all aspects of workflow optimization.

a. Missing opportunities to increase business with captive customers
b. Appealing to new customers, underserved markets and growing market share
c. Focusing on operational issues vs. driving more business
d. Inexperienced lenders and staff
e. Inability to hire experienced staff
f. Fluctuations in volume
g. High cost of originating mortgages – fixed costs vs. variable costs
h. Lack of business continuity plan
i. Technology gaps
j. Inefficiencies in the loan manufacturing process
k. Exposure to repurchases
l. Not meeting regulations and non-compliance
m. Lack of flexibility