Closing Services

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Ideally, closing services are bundled with our processing service to provide a seamless
and efficient experience. Closing-only services are customized and available on a case-
by-case basis – please contact us if interested.

Our closing packages are prepared to meet agency and investor requirements with
strict adherence to state-specific requirements. Loan processes are consistently
monitored to ensure on-time closing with accurate and timely delivery of closing
documents to the originating entity. Closing preparation includes all loan types:

•   Fannie Mae
•   Freddie Mac
•   Federal Home Loan Bank
•   FHA
•   VA
•   USDA
•   Jumbo
•   Portfolio
•   Renovation 

Closing services may be paired with post-closing services including:

•   Obtaining final documents
•   Work funding deficiencies
•   Stacking file to investor requirements
•   Ship and deliver loan to investor