A Perfect Fit

Say “YES” to Building Mortgage Business

We believe every financial institution should have a simple, profitable mortgage offering, so we designed a seamless end-to-end process to help you make it happen.

  • Grow your mortgage department quickly and easily
  • Have access to experts in all areas of the process
  • Keep costs variable
  • Eliminate the need to purchase or maintain a LOS

MortgageKit™ Provides

Visibility to loan pipeline and access to consumer portal

Ability to select secondary
market options

Experienced staff solely focused
on operations

Consistent workflow from disclosure through post-closing

Able to underwrite to multiple investor guidelines

Array of vetted mortgage vendors with competitive pricing for third-party services

Fully licensed in a
majority of the U.S.

Limited warranty to
further reduce risk

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If you can produce two loans per month, you can hit the ground running in less than 45 days from contract to lending!

With Gooi as your behind-the-scenes partner, you don’t need to miss out on mortgages!