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A Balanced Solution

As an industry leader offering back-office mortgage solutions, Gooi fully understands the challenges and pain points lenders face, especially when it comes to delivering impeccable quality with the right number of capable staff.

It’s true that a hot market can make it nearly impossible for your team to meet demand but lagging numbers also present workflow issues and we’ve seen it all! It is a juggling act to balance fluctuations in volume, and when you toss in the high cost of inexperienced or overtaxed workers, constrained margins, inefficiencies due to the wrong level of employee doing repetitive tasks and gaps or weaknesses in processes, something is bound to fall short.

To increase operational efficiencies all around, we designed a scalable hybrid model for streamlined mortgage fulfillment. By using skilled offshore resources to manage certain aspects of disclosing, processing and underwriting, our fully licensed and dedicated onshore team has grown productivity exponentially and allowed us to expand the types of loans we underwrite. Even something as seemingly inconsequential as taking advantage of offshore time zones has boosted our capacity while reducing costs and those benefits get passed on to our clients.

We are also leveraging intelligent automation where it fits such as data extraction from unstructured mortgage documents. Digital workers process the data quickly and correctly which cuts several minutes of processing time per file, allowing our staff to focus on what they do best.

Our inhouse team approves all offshore work being performed and there is a limited warranty on our services. We manage communications and relationships, so experts are available during typical working hours. This hybrid approach has allowed us to deliver faster turn-times without sacrificing accuracy or personal service, and we’re able to do so at an extremely competitive price point to improve your bottom line.