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Identity theft and wire/ACH fraud is impacting financial institutions and non-bank lenders across the
country. Cybercriminals are constantly trying to, and succeeding at, intercepting high-value real estate and loan transactions by claiming to be one of the transactional parties and misdirecting the funds to fraudulent bank accounts. Since the CPL and E&O insurance exclude this fraudulent activity, institutions, lenders and consumers are facing major financial losses and damaged reputations. We can provide a seamless, real-time SOC2-compliant and cloud-based platform for wire/ACH transfer validation and closing agent management. The integrated technology and service platform offers a proactive way to manage agents and validate bank accounts, streamlining the steps lenders must take to mitigate the risks of wire fraud. This platform also helps financial institutions and non-bank lenders save time and money while managing financial, operational, confidentiality and reputational risks.

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