Our Services

Small business
end-to-end solutions

Our small business partner end-to-end solution provides the services needed to support you throughout the entire mortgage origination process with full service delivery to selected investor partnerships.

Our fulfillment services include:
Point of Sale

Post closing

These services are powered by Gooi Mortgage, Inc. using our investors proven platforms for success.

Small business partner advantages:
Streamlined process designed to benefit both the institution and your borrower
Offers a variety of products as well as pricing
Elimination of multiple vendor assessments and management
Provides a scalable level of risk mitigation
Remain in control over investor relationships, your borrower and mortgage origination costs

Large business partner and client solutions

For our larger business partners, we offer a  customized approach that consists of mortgage fulfillment solutions designed to work within your platform. This solution allows you to choose stand alone services or pairing options based on volume requirements and the needs of your business.

Fulfillment services offered:
Loan types consist of FNMA, FHLMC, FHLB, Portfolio, FHA, VA and USDA.

We will create a dedicated team for each client which allows us the ability to craft customized processes to work seamlessly with your staff.

Contract underwriting

Our robust contract underwriting service provides a customized approach to underwriting mortgage loan files to the specifications and needs of the agencies as well as individual investors nationally. We will carefully ensure that each mortgage loan meets various specifications and requirements as put forth by the entity purchasing, funding and/or securitizing the said mortgage loan. In the case a mortgage loan is deemed unqualifiable for a given agency or investor program, Gooi Mortgage underwriting will provide basic consultative services to determine potential eligibility for another mortgage loan program provided the change is amicable to the borrowers and the originating entity.

Service features:
Borrower eligibility consultation
Able to underwrite mortgage loan files to unique specifications
Access to FNMA and FHLMC guidelines
Secure electronic upload
Transparency and visibility of work
Equitable resubmission policy
Direct access to lead underwriter and designated backup
One stop resource for questions and consulting

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