Gooi Mortgage, Inc.

We are a premier provider of back office mortgage solutions. We provide mortgage solutions for banks, credit unions, and mortgage bankers of all sizes.

Our Services

Contract underwriting

Benefit from our underwriting services as a stand alone solution that is scalable to any size lender. Our robust solution carefully ensures that each mortgage loan meets various specifications and requirements as put forth by the purchasing entity, funding and/ or securitizing the mortgage loan.

Large business partner and client solutions

Maintain control by choosing stand alone services or pairing options based on volume requirements and the needs of your business. This solution offers a more customized approach that consists of mortgage fulfillment solutions designed to work within your platform.

Secondary Market Opportunities

A unique approach to deliver a variety of loan products available on the secondary market, paired with a simple bundle of fulfillment services. Our Secondary Investor Partners have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of our Service Bureau clients

Small business end-to-end solutions

Remain in control over investor relationships, your borrower and mortgage origination costs. This solution provides the fulfillment services needed to support you throughout the entire mortgage origination process with full service delivery to selected investor partnerships.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services help industry leaders clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. Our team and other contacts have a broad range of experience that will help your firm understand and establish specific outcomes for people and processes. We want to be your trusted advisor, but clearly understand that consulting is more than giving advice.

Our licensing footprint

Sales team

Laura Rosenberger
SVP of Sales & Marketing
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Kim Karr
Business Development Manager
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Rob Ahrendsen
Business Development Manager
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Strategic partners

Secondary Market Partners

Lenders: If you think you would be a good fit for our community banks, credit unions or partners, please contact us.

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