Consulting Services

Gooi Consulting Services are based on actual hands on experience in the work of mortgage lending.  We bring over 50 years of mortgage lending core competencies and best practices.  We have the unique advantage as we work in your world and see first-hand the issues you encounter

  Gooi Consulting was established to provide you with resources from an independent source that can assist your firm in growth and development inside of your company. Our areas of expertise include mortgage loan origination activities, mortgage loan operations and secondary market activities. In addition, we have resources from various strategic partners that we can engage to help with your needs. Our core competencies include: 

  • Originator Training
  • POS selection, setup and implementation (Mortgage Bot, Encompass, Calyx etc.)
  • Business Development and Social Media Marketing
  • LOS back office support and help desk
  • Workflow set up (Sigma Six Process)
  • Staff Training for processing, underwriting, closing and post-closing
  • Investor model matching
  • Federal Home Loan Bank loan lending
  • Investor Contract review and guidance
  • Non-QM Lending strategies
  • Compensation Plan structuring
  • HMDA


Gooi Mortgage, Inc.

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Direct Sale Number: (515) 313-0590
Main Office Number: (515) 313-0580