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A Tool for the New Year

As Gooi looks for ways to add value for our clients and prospects, we are excited to introduce a new real estate technology that was developed to help mortgage lenders generate more purchase transactions.

HomeTraq helps you capture more loans from your customer base by delivering on-demand no-obligation home showings to your clients. It is the only product of its type that captures the home buyer earlier in the process and provides the lender with the intel that their customers are actively shopping for a new home before they get connected to an agent.

HomeTraq is a co-branded user experience which is distributed to buyers directly from your own CRM, social media and other digital marketing channels. They have almost every national real estate brokerage on the platform and simply activate local agents in a new market based on the lender partner’s footprint. The best part is that HomeTraq is a complete turnkey solution and can be launched immediately.   

Key Benefits

·        Lender digital mortgage offerings are incorporated into the experience to provide the homebuyer with an immediate pre-approval application

·        Enhanced LMI/down payment assistance program details are delivered directly into the hands of the buyer while they are touring homes

·        Leverage HomeTraq’s established broker/agent network AND invite your agent connections to create new referral opportunities

·        Agents in the network have committed to refrain from promoting another lender which protects you from agent referrals to the competition

·        RESPA compliant model provides a socially responsible solution which also specifically addresses DPA, minority lending and CRA efforts

·        Lender-branded content including email, social media, etc. is designed to be deployed via your CRM or other digital platforms

·        Exposure and promotion to new customer pipeline as well as existing customers 

We encourage you to schedule a demonstration for consideration in your market. For more information, please visit HomeTraq or contact us!