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Don’t Fail to Plan

The fourth quarter is upon us, and along with thoughts of the holidays, planning for 2022 is
underway. There is much to consider with the continuing impact of COVID-19, interest rate fluctuations,
business continuity plans with aging, tired or burned-out employees, ebbs and flows in volume, market
volatility, global influences, multiple technology options to improve efficiencies, automation theories
and the continued high cost of originating mortgages.     

If only there was a perfect way to peer around the corner to for a glimpse of the future to help guide
these foundational plans for 2022 and beyond! Key learnings from the past along with experience and
ongoing education are the cornerstones of any plan and can be supplemented by reaching out to peer
groups, subject matter experts and examining results from competitors. 

The trick is knowing how to apply and implement what you have learned. Developing a concise
approach to aligning tactics with strategies, building consensus and commitment around corrective
action or providing clear action plans for all stakeholders in order to permanently improve
organizational effectiveness requires commitment, dedication and knowledgeable resources. Education
and training are paramount to proactively address past, present and future issues.

Gooi is uniquely positioned to lend a helping hand as you build your strategic plan. We work with your
peers daily and see firsthand the consequences of good and bad decisions along with best practices that
work. Consider spending a complimentary hour consultation with Gooi as you explore ways to grow
your mortgage originations, maximize efficiencies, improve quality and ensure a solid business
continuity plan.