Gooi Mortgage, Inc., a premier provider of back-office mortgage solutions for banks, credit unions, and mortgage bankers of all sizes, has just announced one of the industry’s most innovative engagement models via their ‘All-In Service Bundle.’

Continually listening to the marketplace, Gooi has built a comprehensive suite of services needed to help lenders gain market share and more profitably. The All-In Service Bundle attacks the most significant pain points in the marketplace for the smaller to mid-size lenders. Nearly all lenders continue to struggle with unprecedented costs of compliance, technology gaps, rate/volume fluctuations, third-party oversight, and diminished profitability.

These lenders can now simply focus on their core competencies of securing and nurturing borrower relationships and rest easy while Gooi expertly deploys their scalable end-to-end mortgage fulfillment solution. Specialists in processing, underwriting, closing, and post-closing services, Gooi’s All-In Service Bundle delivers relief via the following:

  • One simple bundle of services, one simple per-file price (variable cost)
  • Private label – Close in your name and maintain borrower relationships
  • A dedicated team assigned for each client, where needed
  • Leverage longstanding Investor alliance relationships; Control over products and pricing
  • Best in class technology and service providers; Vetted by Gooi (or we use yours)
  • Wholesale, Non-Delegated Correspondent, Delegated Correspondent options
  • Servicing Released and Servicing Retained options

Every lender, regardless of size, should continually assess their operational options and decide how best to position their institution to serve customers profitably and within the requisite risk tolerance. Gooi’s decidedly client-centric fulfillment solutions are custom-designed around you, offering a wide range of loan products, lowering costs and overhead, all while keeping you in control at all times. Years of client deployments have helped ensure seamless client integrations, each constructed per unique client.

“We promise to deliver the best quality and overall value in the marketplace,” says Jeff Jensen, President & CEO.

About Gooi Mortgage Inc.
Gooi Mortgage is a premier provider of end-to-end back-office mortgage solutions for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders of all sizes. From mortgage origination through our secondary marketing options and relationships, Gooi clients truly can instantly begin to enjoy improved productivity and lower costs, all with the highest quality delivered daily. Web-accessible information anytime, anywhere you need it. As your behind the scenes partner, we ensure the process is flexible and simple.