Many small to mid-size community lenders struggle to offer a mortgage solution for their customers and are being squeezed out of the mortgage market, missing the opportunity to increase mortgage business with their captive customers. Having a mortgage solution is a very important component for sustaining deposit base, maintaining your customer relationship, providing local access to home loans, improving community housing stock and fending off threats from not only non-traditional lenders but financial institutions that do offer home loans. The pain points are common across the industry – limited budget, inability to compete, fluctuations in volume, difficulty in hiring appropriate staff, inexperienced staff, gaps in staffing, MLO processing rather than selling, inefficient platforms, regulatory and compliance burdens, over-whelming array of technology, competition for consumer self-serve options to name just a few. There are solutions and strategies today that can minimize the risks, allow for sustainable growth, and allow the community lender to offer this vital service. As a trusted strategic partner, Gooi offers advice, service, solutions with your best interests in mind. Everyone is built differently but everyone should have a mortgage solution to offer their customers.