Morelity, a wide-ranging data management product of Gooi Global, Inc.’s (OTC:GOOI) data and analytics division, is now available to customers of subsidiary Gooi Mortgage Inc., a comprehensive mortgage fulfillment partner that works closely with lenders.

Morelity (, which recently completed its successful beta test pilot, is a web-based platform built by Gooi Global’s team of data scientists. Morelity uses complex algorithms to enable small to medium-sized financial institutions to compete with big banks by using their data and customer goals to develop a cloud-based dashboard of actionable information in a simple, easy-to-use platform.

Gooi Mortgage’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, Laura Rosenberger, said, “Using the Morelity platform is as easy as uploading your data, filtering what you want to see, then sitting back and letting it do the analysis. Working with more than 900 variables, the possibilities for defining audiences for products of the small to medium-sized financial institutions are endless.”

When conceptualizing Morelity, Managing Director, Adil Khan, saw that businesses in the financial industry had far greater growth potential if they knew how to use their data efficiently and effectively. “Financial institutions have the right products, but they just don’t know who the right customers are. Morelity solves that problem for them,” said Khan.

The Morelity team uses data to make business development for financial products easier and more cost effective. They simplify the data into wide-ranging reports on audiences, so management can act on information instead of cells in a spreadsheet.

Morelity’s proprietary databases have comprehensive information on more than 250 million consumers and their buying behaviors. The platform solves such problems as identifying a bank’s current clients who don’t have a mortgage with it but are candidates for refinancing, improving Community Reinvestment Act compliance and determining the feasibility of developing new, enhanced products.

“We believe the market is hungry for an interactive data analytic solution. Through the development process of Morelity, we have been extremely pleased by the positive feedback of our beta clientele. We are very excited to bring this product to market and include it in our suite of solution services,” said Gooi Mortgage CEO Jeff Jensen.

About Gooi Mortgage, Inc.
Gooi Mortgage, Inc. partners with credit unions, small to mid-sized community banks and mortgage bankers to provide back office mortgage solutions. It concentrates on building customer relationships, while offering expert mortgage services.

About Gooi Global, Inc.
Gooi Global, Inc. (OTC:GOOI) is a holding company that invests in companies that provide unique financial and analytical platform solutions.

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